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Colorful Enamel Jewelry

You’re vibrant and beautiful. Your jewelry should be too! Color is the essence of self-expression, which is why color’s so important in the jewelry I create.

My background as an art therapist and artist embraces both expression and aesthetic. It’s no accident that I live in Colorado, which boasts an ever-changing display of color, hence the name (Color-ado). Being surrounded by the exaggerated colors in nature constantly influences my work.

How did it all begin? After years of painting, I began exploring metalwork and jewelry. I was instantly attracted to enamel, which allows the addition of color to metal that would otherwise be traditional metal tones. Enameling is both challenging and rewarding. It requires careful metal-preparation, selection of colors, application, and 1500˚ firing of the enamel. Quite a process. Each piece of Enfuse jewelry is individually crafted by hand in my Colorado studio.

Because your style outwardly reflects your inner beauty and personality, I feel you should have something unique and lasting. Here you’ll find jewelry that is beautiful, timeless, and colorful to help your inner vibrancy shine.