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Artist: Elisabeth Delehaunty
Work P.O. Box 1658 Paonia Colorado 81428 USA Phone: 970-527-4075 Website


Clothes & Accessories Made from Recycled Fabrics

Who makes these clothes?
Designer/recycler, Elisabeth Delehaunty leads a small but hearty team of cutters and stitchers. Rooting among mountains of forgotten things, Elisabeth unearths treasure–past fabric gems awaiting rediscovery. An obsession for finding these “experienced textiles” compliments her desire not to add any more “new stuff” to the world. In 1996, the obsession joined forces with her background, a B.A. Art from Dartmouth College as well as a series of jobs costuming for theatre–and Elisabethan: Clothes with a History was born. Now the studio works year round to create the line of clothing and accessories in rural Western Colorado.

Out of what?
The nature of our raw materials makes each Elisabethan piece unique. Fabric, trims, and buttons are harvested from existing items (new materials are used oh so sparingly). They may have previously been a dress, drapery or vintage yardage stashed in your grandmother’s sewing room. Designer Elisabeth Delehaunty travels all over the country to collect the eclectic supply of materials in out of the way places. Fabrics are selected with an eye for quality; we use mostly natural fibers at Elisabethan, but an occasional irresistible synthetic does get thrown into the mix. Fabrics are washed and dried before being cut and sewn.