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Eli Yasek

Artist: Eli Yasek
Work El Granada California USA Etsy Shop Website


Unusual Artistic Jewelry

We create a wide range of jewelry, and we play with different materials and techniques, so there may actually be something here for everyone, and definitely things that are not for everyone….If we had to sum up our design esthetic in one phrase, it would be: don’t be boring.

We live in California.  We travel a lot. We go to Burning Man. We’re never bored. We’ve won awards for fine art, and for writing, and have exhibited our art internationally. We love speaking in the royal “We,” even though ‘we’ is mostly ‘me.’  We look at jewelry all over the world. We shamelessly borrow on designs that work (Picasso said, “Good artists borrow; great artists steal.” Maybe one day we’ll steal.) We are constantly experimenting: pushing the metal, carving the stone, and constantly learning new limits, new techniques.  We love to mix stones and metal, metal and pearl, pearls and stones. And metal. You get the idea. The designs speak for themselves, and we create the magic in our coastside and San Francisco studios. Enough about us, what about you?