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Artist: Masha Lezhen
Work New York New York USA Etsy Shop


Handmade Personalized Jewelry

Creating art and finding a medium by which I could capture the overpowering beauty of nature has been my love and obsession from my earliest memories. Delezhen Collection is that passion realized. I searched long and hard for a medium by which I could not only exercise my desire to create but also be able to connect that in a collaborative form with others and there by build a connection with a person.

All of our pieces and colors are inspired by nature and it’s beautiful symmetries and asymmetries. Like the orchids and lilies we uses in many of our pieces, the jewelry is inspired by delicate feminine strength and beauty. I felt that by using birthstones, the pieces would carry meaning to the wearer with sophistication and organic grace. Gemstones can represent a person, a milestone, can be used to celebrate and commemorate the various stages of life and the people who come with it. The stones each tell their own beautiful biographical story. They are the result of millions of years of earth’s own trials and tribulations, and just like people, no two are alike.

Every piece we create and every interaction we have is guided by the philosophy of combining delicate aesthetics and deep personal meaning. With every piece that is sent out, an invisible string is cast out and a bond is formed. A relationship can start with a wedding with personalized bridesmaid necklaces, then a piece to commemorate the birth of the first child, a birthstone ring for Mother’s day.These special human bonds are our truest reward.

In just over 2 years, Delezhen has grown to rank in the Top 35 Etsy jewelry sellers of all time, and Top 10 in our price range. We are especially proud of the close community we have established on Facebook, and use it to not only to showcase our work but to empower women to realize their dreams through thought-provoking quotations and beautiful inspirational photographs.

My advice to anyone opening a shop is to have a central vision in mind; a guiding principle. It is important that everything you make reflects this vision. It is most challenging to remain consistent in coming up with new collections season after season. Though trends are important, I feel that staying true to your estheticism and philosophy is the truest path to growth and fulfillment.