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Artist: Jessica Rose
Work 1301 Clay Street Unit #72554 Oakland California 94612 USA Etsy Shop Website


Handmade Luxury Cashmere Knit Accessories

My story starts at my childhood. My mother worked as a progressive preschool teacher in Suburban New Jersey while my father worked from home, running his own electronics business. Before I was old enough to go to school, I spent the majority of my time in my dad’s world, being schooled by a man who was an impassioned and creative person in all regards. I observed his interest in the world and his desire to explore and understand the beauty and depth in everything around us. My mother fed the creative souls of my brother and me with music lessons, day trips to museums and plays in New York City and all-around cool stuff. At an early age, my family instilled in me creativity, thoughtfulness, authenticity and a sense of spirituality. Whenever I was bored, I was urged to find something inspiring to bide my time with.

This set me on a creative course that would eventually merge with the technical ability of crochet that was taught to me by my Nana, Marion. I started crocheting with her at the age of five, and was privy to the creations of my great grandmother, her mother and my mother’s grandmother, who was a housewife extraordinaire at the time of the depression in America. As resources were limited, she would collect materials wherever she could find them, and combining these meager elements, she created beautiful and functional works of art.

I would genetically inherit these traits when my own passion for this craft swept over me in high school and into college. I would spend all my money at that time on record albums, books, and yarn at the local yarn store. I would make hats and other accessories, mostly from patterns I made up, and then use the leftover bits to experiment with my newfound passion, creating new and different pieces that combined colors and textures.

Armed with the creativity and inventiveness of my father and the inherited gift of crochet, I set on my path to becoming even more learned within the world of fiber arts. I taught myself to knit and I learned how to weave from a local weaver and artisan. It was there that I fell in love with cashmere and its inherent complexities and evolution as an organic material. Cashmere is a sensitive textile to craft, and with love and care I embarked on a journey to explore this medium and begin to understand its multi-leveled potential.

While studying Biology at Boston University, I spent my spare time honing this craft while I designed myriad things, indiscriminately integrating the arts of knitting, crochet and weaving. Upon graduation, I began putting my designs out for sale in front of my family’s venue, the Colony Arts Hotel in Woodstock, NY. Passers by would admire and take home these first creations. Concurrently I began a successful Etsy business, and was delighted that people responded to the items that I created with attentiveness, affection and tender care.

Now they are here on this site for you to wear and enjoy, knowing that I’ve made them for all of you with love.