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Cart Before the Horse

Artist: Jo James
Work Olympia Washington USA Etsy Shop


Contemporary Folk Art

I make the kind of art I like– fun and folky and everyday.  I make it with my own hands, since these are the only hands I have.

The world can be hard, so I tend to spend the majority of my time in my own world. It’s a place that celebrates the whimsical possibilities of everyday life. It delights in stories, childlike wonder, subtle humor, and the comfort inherent in embracing our fears.

Sometimes I worry that I’m not doing anything of any consequence, making things that nobody needs. But worry is a misuse of imagination, and what would life be without the inconsequential things? Music, art, laughing, that smell just after it starts to rain when the ground is really dry, tire swings, striped socks, puppy breath. . . So I keeping making stuff, because sometimes we all need a little reminder that frivolity is a necessary ingredient in creating a happy life.

I live and work in a little house on wheels with my scruffy dog Lulu. We are currently parked in Olympia, Washington. It’s lovely here– Rainy, covered in soft moss, sweet smelling, full of friendly people and big trees. My closest neighbor is a horse named Harley who comes when I whistle and likes to chase dogs. And I make stuff. A lot.