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Luxury Gemstone Jewelry

Stones, stones and more stones! I am addicted. Nothing makes my head spin quite as much as that rare gemstone find. I search relentlessly for unique stones, of the highest quality, from all corners of the world. In my shop you will find Sonoran Nacozari turquoise, Brazilian pyrite, Russian seraphinite, Peruvian opal, and many, many other treasures that I hope will bring you as much pleasure as they bring me.

I am meticulous in my selection of which stones to use on each bracelet, necklace or pair of earrings. Not a single detail is overlooked in my production. Even the way I finish my beaded bracelets takes into consideration daily use, which stones surround the silver focal piece, the overall balance, and the way that it will sit on the wrist. When I have a surge of orders, I still keep my focus on each individual piece as if it is the only one. I want my clients to *feel* the love and care that I put into my work. Jewelry should feel decadent. It should make you feel special, beautiful, and important.

I am so grateful for the opportunity Etsy gives me to do what I love and also be an involved presence in the lives of my husband and children. Being a self-supporting artist was a life-long dream and is an amazing example for future generations. My children witness every aspect of how to run an artistic business: from concept, to execution, to finally putting it out into the world for others to enjoy. They are learning how important it is to not overlook the little things, to always give 100%, to include an extra measure of love in everything that you do and to go the extra mile even when no one is looking.