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Brooklyn Heavy Metal

Artist: Abbi Stern
Work Brooklyn New York USA Website Etsy Shop


Cast Precious Metals Jewelry

Brooklyn Heavy Metal, the love child of designer Abbi Stern, is a line of handmade jewelry from the heart of Gowanus, Brooklyn. The gritty New York City downtown punk rock scene of the ’60s and ’70s inspires Stern’s designs. By combining her deeply-rooted love affair with the underbelly of the New York music and art scene with her pastoral upbringing in the woods of Vermont, Stern creates a line of organic, sculptural jewelry with a hard rock edge.

Working primarily with reclaimed precious metals, the designer pays homage to her roots, casting jewelry from natural materials that range from bark to bones to tentacles. Preserving these elements in precious metals, Stern reveals a unique collection that is based on her own experiences and vision; one that’s authentic in true punk rock form, refusing to fall in line with fashion’s ever-changing trends. Through Stern’s original process, Brooklyn Heavy Metal reinvents “timeless, classic” jewelry as something that’s equally avant-garde.