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Blue Fish Clothing

Artist: Jennifer Barclay
Work Frenchtown New Jersey USA Phone: 800.395.4566 Website


From the beginning of the design process, people are involved hand and heart. Since 1986, when Jennifer Barclay began making clothing in her parents’ garage, every single piece of the hundreds of thousands of Blue Fish garments that have been made have been printed by an artisan’s hand. The design process begins with concepts and ideas that are sketched by hand then move through many steps and are transformed into the reality of beautiful, collectible garments. From travels, dreams, and interests, inspiration is found. Our print blocks are designed and hand-carved by us. Then, for every collection a new palette of color is developed. The artisans of Blue Fish, each embodying our creative spirit for composition, begin to create. We have developed our own method of printing, which is based on hand block printing and includes elements of mono-and hand-painting. (We are happy to employ local artisans, moms, and others to form our Blue Fish family- we’re all proud of what we are creating.) All of the clothes we make are and always have been produced in the U.S.