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Barbara Michelle Jacobs

Artist: Barbara Polinsky
Work 580 Fifth Avenue LL92 New York New York 10036-4799 USA Phone: 347.684.2701 Etsy Shop Website Blog


Socially responsible silver & gold jewelry
Ever since I was a young girl, I have enjoyed creating three dimensional art from found objects – whatever is within reach. I’ve fashioned huge sculptures using empty soda cans and suspended them from a ceiling, made stylish outfits using scraps of fabric and a stapler (ouch!) and spent hours “baking” mud pies in my back yard. My mind and hands were always in motion and I was happiest when I was creating………Some things never change.

After 2 degrees from FIT(both business, not design related) a happy marriage, 2 amazing kids and careers in fashion, sales, and lots of volunteer work, I find myself once again creating. I’ve graduated from mud to metal and I still love to get my hands dirty. There’s nothing like experiencing the radiating warmth and mesmerizing glow of pure gold that second before it reaches its melting temperature. It’s also a thrill watching ideas take form and products come to life. I find it charming that even though technology changes in the blink of an eye, the jewelry making process remains much the same today as it was thousands of years ago. A gift of jewelry has alway been a lasting gift with strong emotional ties. I believe that using the finest ingredients and excellent construction is important in preserving our memory of special people and events forever.

I formally started my business here on Etsy and love the community. My jewelry is sometimes inspired by nature and sometimes by a passing thought. It has been described as “whimsical”, “elegant”, “conceptual” and “emotional”. Some styles have classical Greek roots and others are more contemporary. Whatever you call it, it’s a labor of love and lots of fun. I’m proud to offer high quality at a fair price. Everything is made by hand in NYC of recycled precious metals and natural gem stones. I always resource stones prized for integrity as well beauty.