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Work 947 61st St #15 Oakland California 94608 USA Phone: 209-986-9002 Etsy Shop Etsy Feature Website


One-of-a-Kind Eco-Friendly Clothing

Armour sans Anguish garments are constructed entirely from recycled and reclaimed materials. We embrace the tattered and disheveled quality of vintage materials and try to imbue each garment with the spirit of using what is already out in the world, creating a sustainable, Eco-conscious approach to wearable couture. If you’re cool with unfinished, raw edges, asymmetry, and wearing fabrics that possess a unique history, then we’re cool with you! If not, we’re still cool with you! But, AsA may not be right for you. We fit best with Shabby-Chic, Undone Romantic, Outdoor, Whimsical, Country, Avant Garde wedding and everyday aesthetics. We don’t expect this to be everyone’s cup of tea, so please, please, please message us ahead of time with any questions! : )