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3 Dots Jewelry

Artist: Lucie Veilleux
Work Sherbrooke QC Canada Etsy Shop


Wooden Geometric Jewelry

As far as i can remember i’ve always been passionate about making things. As a kid, all i wanted to do is to go on adventures in the countryside with my brother or play with paper, crayons, paint, glue, whatever could make my hands dirty. Later on, i studied Arts i college then worked a few years as a furniture maker while building this little shop where i offer my handmade wooden jewelries. Working with my hands is what makes me the happiest. In 2010, i decided to fullfill my long time desire to learn metalworks. I studied at “L’école de joailleire de Montréal” where i felt like a fish in the water. Now, i make these wooden jewelries and sterling silver jewelries full time. I build my little studio at home where i spend basicly most of my time now. You can find the silver jewels here: http://www.lucieveilleux.etsy.com When i’m not at the bench you can find me wandering in the forest or probably shopping for shoes..
I love this life.