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2 Cool Creations

Artist: Tina Murphy
Work P.O. Box 382484 Yakima Washington 38183 USA Website


Custom Art Jewelry and Hand Cut Stones

I started making jewelry back in Jr. High for my friends and myself. I mostly made funky punk rock earrings that we could not find in any store.
I stopped making jewelry when I started a family and career, but one day when watching the Oprah Winfrey Show, Oprah had on this amazing necklace. I thought to myself I wonder if I can make one like that. Because I’m sure it cost more than I could afford! So off to the gem and mineral show I go and I went nuts buying all the beautiful colors I could! My husband looks at all of the stuff I bought and tells me “You better start selling some of this stuff! There is no way you can wear it all.” So I said OK! And 2 Cool Creations was born!