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Catherine Reece

Artist: Catherine Reece
Work Dublin California USA Etsy Shop


Fine Pottery & Collectibles

Hi, my name is Catherine Reece. All of my work is individually hand drawn and made by me featuring whimsical designs and bright colors. I do all my work out of my home studio with my husband Scott while our two children, Jackson 10 and Kennedy 7 play with clay too. It’s a family affair!

I have been playing with clay for over 15 years. I began the process of creating illustrations on my pottery after a few years of trying the “dip and dunk” method of glazing. I wanted to add a more personal touch to my pottery. I discovered an underglaze pen (a squeeze tube bottle with a metal tip) that would allow me to draw fine lines and whimsical details to bring my illustrations alive. I paint with underglazes to add color and dip the whole piece in a clear glaze.

My hope is that the drawings and the personalities of my bird friends and insects on each piece brings a smile to everyone who receives or uses my pottery.