This collection of handmade products for the home is extensive, with sculptures and decor for the garden, as well as for indoors.  There are clocks, and vases and throw pillows and all kinds of wonderful home and garden products.  In every category, you can identify products made in the USA.  The price range slider shows the range of prices in whatever category you’re viewing, but you can adjust it to your budget.  Just move the ball on the left toward the middle to your lowest price and move the ball on the right toward the middle to your highest price.  Then click Filter.  You can also change the sorting from newness to sort by price.  From any subcategory, you can get back to the top category page by clicking Homeware in the breadcrumbs above Options.

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  • Ceramic teapot, 'Green Koi'

    Ceramic teapot, ‘Green Koi’

  • Ceramic Dragonfly Jar

    Ceramic soup cups, ‘Balinese Dragonfly’

  • Ceramic cups and saucers, 'Turtle Action' (set for 4)

    Ceramic cups and saucers, ‘Turtle Action’ (set for 4)

  • Green Ceramic Vase with Flower Trim

    Ceramic vases, ‘Beautiful Frangipani’

  • Ceramic salt and pepper cups, 'Swimming Turtles'

    Ceramic salt and pepper cups, ‘Swimming Turtles’

  • Ceramic teapot, 'Lucky Koi'

    Ceramic teapot, ‘Lucky Koi’

  • Ceramic teapot, 'Mamma Duck'

    Ceramic teapot, ‘Mamma Duck’

  • Ceramic cups and saucers, 'Bali Forest' (set for 4)

    Ceramic cups and saucers, ‘Bali Forest’ (set for 4)

  • Ceramic teapot, 'Mother Sea Turtle'

    Ceramic teapot, ‘Mother Sea Turtle’

  • Ceramic vase, 'Forest Leaves'

    Ceramic vase, ‘Forest Leaves’

  • Ceramic cups and saucers, 'Dragonfly Myths' (set for 4)

    Ceramic cups and saucers, ‘Dragonfly Myths’ (set for 4)

  • Handcrafted Ceramic Leaf Vase

    Ceramic vase, ‘Frangipani Leaves’

  • Ceramic teacups, 'Gecko and Co.' (set for 4)

    Ceramic teacups, ‘Gecko and Co.’ (set for 4)

  • Ceramic Frog Vase

    Ceramic vase, ‘Frangipani Frog’

  • Ceramic cups, 'Bay Leaf' (set of 4)

    Ceramic cups, ‘Bay Leaf’ (set of 4)

  • Ceramic teapot, 'Rainforest'

    Ceramic teapot, ‘Rainforest’